JCC-CCD--with a few updates (8/9/2000)
featured in Sky & Telescope Software Showcase--August 2000

The following ZIP file contains the source code and an executable file for the JCC-CCD image-processing program. It also includes a sample image file (MOON1.DAT) you can use to test out the program. The program was written in MicroSoft Visual Basic 3.0. You will need Visual Basic to modify the code.

Earlier I did not have the VBRUN300.DLL file included in this ZIP file, so you had to have Visual Basic just to run to executable file. Now, However, several people have e-mailed me to tell me that it is legal to distribute VBRUN300.DLL, so I added it to the pack. People who do not have Visual Basic should now be able to run the program by clicking on the JCC-CCD.EXE file.

I have also changed the format of the CCDZOOM.FRM file to text format so people with newer versions of Visual Basic can read it. I just hope I didn't screw anything up in making these changes!

JCC-CCD.ZIP--click for the ZIP file.

The program will run on virtually any machine running Windows--even a 386 with Windows 3.1. However, the slower the computer the slower the program runs. Also, if your display doesn't have sufficient color resolution the images do not look good. For best results, change your display settings to "True Color (32-bit)"--or the best your system will do.

The program is written for use with an SBIG ST-6 camera and the DOS-based CCD-OPS camera control software (downloadable for free from SBIG's web page). From CCD-OPS, save your files in ASCII format with the extension .DAT; then JCC-CCD can open them. To use JCC-CCD with other cameras and camera control software you may need to modify the source code and re-compile the program. If you want some more student-generated image files to mess with, let me know and I'll send some to you.

Email me: Christopher.Graney@kctcs.net
Christopher Graney
Assoc. Prof. of Physics
Jefferson Community College (KCTCS)